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While I began to feel weak and generally awful earlier in the week, it wasn't until Wednesday night that I felt I really needed to know what was going on. I had been bleeding a lot and I suspected my blood levels were down again.

Hubby took me to ER. Despite the massive amounts of iron pills I had been taking, my levels were back down to 21. (hey, it's no 15, but...) I was admitted to hospital and given 2 pints of blood. Well, my doctor came in, assessed the situation, and decided we really shouldn't postpone surgery any longer. In order to do surgery, he wanted my levels higher (2 pints only brought me up to 22, but it does take time to build) so I had another two pints and by Thursday afternoon, I was in the OR having my uterus removed.

After surgery they had to give me 2 more pints so that's 6 pints in about 24 hours. Ridiculous! You know the human body only carries 8-10 pints so in theory, I'm more donor than me right now. Considering I had 3 pints a few weeks ago, you could say my blood has been replaced within the last month. Anyway, that did bring my levels up to 30 which is quite decent (we're shooting for 35-40 now that I'm not bleeding anymore.

Pain sucks, but the worst is over. Just got out of hospital and thought I'd update groups as much as possible because I'm too tired to send individual emails.

This is a warning to all my other organs. If you piss me off, I'll have you cut out. Do you hear me?

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