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Yeah, if you're sick of reading all about it, it will end soon. Promise. Because it won't be there anymore.

Procedure failed. Next step for most women? IUD. Not recommended for women who have never had babies. Step after that? Hysterectomy. Mine's scheduled for the 18th of July. Mostly removed vaginally...but since mine's enlarged, fibroids, and da da da dum I haven't had babies, I have to be cut open.

You know, the "have babies" world is so set in us that it seems most procedures and treatments are designed for women who have. Options for women who never have become special cases and bla bla. {sigh} I never cared until now. I'm still working on getting my blood up, but that's hard to do when bleeding. This may mean getting an infusion right before or after surgery. omg, could this sound like any more fun!?

The thing is, it's been an option all along and I felt okay with it. Now that it's reality, I'm kind of disappointed, frustrated, and intimidated. {sigh} Of course, today I wish the surgery was sooner just because it's been a baaaaad day. I'm 36. Aren't I supposed to be too young for this crap? I have learned I'm not the only person my age (or even younger) who has had to have it removed, but it doesn't make it any easier to think. I've been in generally good health. Funny thing, with my weight and such, I would have expected a dozen other problems before this one.

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