Jun. 4th, 2011 09:36 pm
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So I had my procedure yesterday. It was fun! No, really. They took me to the back, gave me 2 lortab and a lorazepam, plus an anti nausea pill and some shot with more sedation in it so I was under what they termed "conscious sedation". Next they sent me back into the waiting room to wait my turn for the actual procedure. 'Nother lady was out there waiting her turn - the last laser treatment of the day as I was the first water treatment. See, laser is nicer and easier on the body, but when you've got a uterus full of fibroids, it ceases to be an option. Anyway, she was getting a little loopy, then she got called back. Now I knew my turn to get loopy was coming any second.

It Was Awesome. The chair back grew taller. The next one got shorter. The carpet moved like psychotic fractals. I had flashbacks to the days when I would drink tequila and smoke weed together. Finally they called me back. I'm pretty sure I rambled about something odd because my husband says after the procedure, the doctor came out and said I was pretty loopy, then (according to Scott) he chuckled in an odd way. {shrug} who knows?

So... we won't know if it worked the way it should for about 3 months, but can't see why it won't be okay. Hope so. Life should return to normal... and I get to start thinking about swimming and hiking again. Whee.

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