May. 16th, 2011 11:47 am
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Since I've brought LJ into this circle, basically, I thought I'd mention the update on my 'condition' (for lack of better word). Had ultrasound today and watched the tech mark about 10-12 areas with measurements. Finally she said my uterus is very "fibrous", did I know? No, I didn't. She said it was "nothing to be {slight pause followed by hint of emphasis on the word} alarmed about." Of course I've heard 'fibrous' with the word 'tumors' before, but I wasn't too freaked out - only enough to need input. Tech, of course, can't say anything more so I called my older sister who used to work in ob/gyn office. Okay, probably nothing scary like cancer, but that is exactly what we'll have to watch out for now and there is some sort of treatment or other I'll have to undergo for what is there. I don't know. Doctor is supposed to call tomorrow. I'll call him if he doesn't call me because I really want to rush through at this point. Have come really close to passing out twice now. Second time was with my close sister so she now knows what's up.

Birthday was pretty great. People gave me such generous gifts and I really didn't hope for any at all so that felt quite splendid.

This morning I put on a pair of pants one size smaller that my sister-in-law gave me and they fit too! The other pair she gave started out a bit snug and these are loose so I am convinced plus sizes are stupid and inconsistent. What's the point of giving it a number if it has no consistency? LOL. Still, that means shopping one size smaller, probably, so...awesome. My mom's gift to me is clothes, too, so while I don't think I'm done dropping sizes yet, at least I won't look like I'm wearing clown clothes all the damn time.

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