Mar. 20th, 2011

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So, weekend started on Thursday and ended late last night. Hmm. After a weekend of parties, binge drinking, salty corned beef, and more binge drinking I seem to have lost 2 more lbs. {blink} Works for me!

keeping busy
I actually realized that in the last 6 months, my life has changed quite a bit. Scott feels like going places and doing things so we have been going places and doing things like crazy! I used to sneak off with friends on occasion to sit in hot tubs, drink coffee or wine, eat without children around... Now we're doing these things together plus some.

On the mellow side, we have started two blogs. We both spend too much time talking when we walk, we think, because we decided to start one about all the things we want to say about losing weight (and share recipes, etc) and the other one is going to be a place to bitch about the books we read, movies we see, or crazy observations about life. Could work to talk them up, too, I suppose, but we only have one entry...

So, I bought another domain where I will eventually build a page around these things. Original Ninja Pineapple - where the ninja pineapple will run wild. {grin}

More busy is planned. This summer we're going swimming twice a week and hiking once a week. I may have said this before, but I'm putting it everywhere so that I am committed to follow through! I learned yesterday I will probably need a new swimsuit (aside from the cost - $$$ we don't have - I have this to say about that: YAY!) The one I have is kind of okay, but it swishes a bit more than I like and if you're going to be swimming for fitness... Also have to buy hiking shoes for self and little one as we have nothing that will work. This is why money is running out so fast these days. I can't make due with my pants any longer either and the smaller ones I got hand me down were nearly falling off while dancing at the bar on Friday. I only have 1 pair right now that fits right. Pants are so expensive!

Party on
Jane's birthday is coming up. I'm actually very excited this year because we spent one day last week discussing ideas - both ones I found on the internet and ones we came up with ourselves. She wanted a slumber party, but what finally clicked for the theme is a murder mystery. I have since found a few ideas that are kid-safe on the internet, but none of them seem awesome enough so last night, hubby and I came up with a hybrid that will be easier than the one idea I found, but more fun than the basic package, I think. I'm already loving some of our ideas like putting black tape lines on the wall and taking the kids mugshots when they enter the house - they'll all be suspects. We'll have riddles that encourage logical thought as well as reading... yes... I can't help the part of me that sees this as a learning opportunity! ha ha. Anyway, I think it will be a lot of fun for the girls.

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