Aug. 30th, 2011

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Internet has been either spotty or down for a week. I missed a lot. Bummer.

Did a puzzle, though, that was given to me for my recovery period. Awesome at the time because I didn't realize that sitting crunched up would be most painful until I heeled. Puzzle was a bitch to do. Fun, but also a pain!

Jane started new school. She loves it. Better opportunities, too. Nice.

Been working on some editing and writing. Nothing terribly useful, but hey. At least there's stuff going on with my creative bone.

Invented a new cupcake. Pretty tasty. I need to get the rest out before the calories show up on my hips. Been losing weight again, but WAY slow... temptation is hard to resist these days and pain makes me crave naughty foods. Lime. I may have to post recipes.

Joined a book club. Seemed nice and stable, but now they want to read The Hunger Games trilogy. Save the commentary on how great it is. I don't want to read it. I hate reading things right in the midst of its popularity because all I ever see is the suck. It ruins it for me. Besides, it's all post apocolyptic stuff which is one of my least favourite story ideas. Is it bad to skip the second month after joining? Waaaa.

Also joined a writing group, but it's really more of a "self-publishing" group and they talk about the rare cases where people actually make money off of eBooks than about anything useful like writing.

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