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Hubby's new job is "okay" as described by him. I think he was so settled in his last job (16 years of being walked on...) that he doesn't know how to NOT know every thing and everyone.

Me? Going nowhere. Doing nothing. I have secretly wanted to go back to school for years and years. Okay, not so secret, but it comes down to money. We have massive debt from hubby going to school so I can't do loans and I keep hoping I'll qualify for more assistance, but nope. Nada. Can't justify.

Want to write. Want to write all the time, but instead I get caught up doing things everyone else asks me 'cause, you know, I'm a housewife and mom so I don't have anything else I could possibly want to accomplish with my life. What am I going to say? I am not that good anyway, and I'm not going to get anywhere with it. So.

I guess at some point you have to realize you are exactly as you appear. I use to think I was smart and interesting and able to be creative and tell a good story. Now I realize I'm just a stupid, ugly, boring housewife with no prospects. I spend a lot of time wondering how I made friends with all of you - who I think are smart and interested and awesome. What possible use could you have with me?

Started making these monster bags, but I can't get the pictures to upload right so I'll have to share later. They aren't as cool as they are in my head, anyway, but I can't figure out how to make them cooler. The sewing is good because I'm good at the technical part of it. It's just...something else isn't right. Pretty much how I feel about my writing and everything else I do. Awesome.

And I thought I was doing so much better. Depends on the hour you ask me, I guess.
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