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Let's start with Valentine's. It was good! Hubby bought me this cute Animal (muppets) backpack I've been eying. It's shaggy and his mouth opens and closes (not just in a puppety way, but also depending on how full I fill the pack.) Like I need more bags when I practically never carry one, but I love it.

And chocolate. Bad for my temptation. I was so going to re-do the diet part to lose instead of just maintaining my weight, but... today I don't care.

house guests
They have moved out. He has a good job. She, we are hoping, is going to have the opportunity to renew her CNA for free through this offer a local college is doing and also get her phlebotomy training so she can work opposite hours to him and then he can work less overtime. We shall see. Either way, I've done my part. They got themselves here and got themselves on their feet. Of course, in the meantime, she and I made pretty good friends so I kind of miss that bit.

What's kind of cool is they moved into the same apartment complex with my current best friend so I go visit them both one day every week or so and it's convenient.

I am not supposed to say this officially, but you won't tell, will you? Hubby finally got a new job!!! We're just thrilled. It's not really more money financially, but the company he has worked for these last 16 years has taken a nose dive in respectability over the last 5 which is what I think hurt him when he was seeking new job. They also kept saying he wasn't promotable, but he is more qualified for the next level of management than the level that is currently there in most cases. The last feedback he got was "We didn't feel you wanted it enough." Uhm, how does one work on that to improve their chances for a promotion next time? It made no sense and stopped making sense a long time ago. Other companies have been pretty impressed with him, but he finally got an offer from one that is very well-regarded so he's going to take it. Oh, and the benefits are a drastic improvement. While the premiums are about the same, the coverage is sooo much better and the deductibles are sooo much lower... Anyway, new job! That means a lot of changes coming...

kind of like a job
I've actually been looking for quite some time and more aggressively lately, but nothing is panning out. I'm just so mediocre that when it comes to make a choice, why me, (is what I think is the case). Anyway, I am working somewhat, though. Part time at a boutique where my sister and I are selling some goods. I figure at least it can go on a resume to show I've worked recently. Sadly, it will probably only do me good to do more retail jobs, but I wish I could find something to exercise the other parts of my brain.

New webpage I built. Proud of myself because I had to delve into javascript to make this one. It's my friend's business she's starting up. I'm also helping her make a few things. Yesterday we created fairy sun catchers so I'm going to condense hats and add a sun catchers/ wind chimes section. On the webpage is her early stuff. You should see the things she is making to add next! They are even more amazing.

Right now, I am catching up on Mad Men. I knew it would be brilliant! I just didn't have time until now. Awesome. I'm also knee deep in Walking Dead. I watch several other shows, just not as intently as those right now. Oh, except Castle. I'm developing quite the obsession for Nathan Fillion. I've always known he was awesome, but he just gets better and better...

...every time I watch Dr. Horrible. I've been so obsessed with that, too. I saw it early on and a couple times since then, but I finally downloaded to my iPod at Christmas and now it's like Velvet Goldmine-time...when the tv was on, VG was going... all the time... ha ha.

Ooo, VG. Haven't watched that in about a year. Might be time to watch it, too.

Oh, the obsessions...

Speaking of telly, though, I better enjoy while we can. When hubby leaves current job, free programming ceases. I will have to watch all the goodies like Homeland and Boardwalk Empire when they get released on DVD. SADNESS! We haven't decided which package to keep, but we are going to get Netflix back. Yeah... I can't decide if that's good or bad, but it was always our thought that if he left, we would cancel all the movie channels in exchange for Netflix...

It's been better, but some days still seem...less than good. Whatever. Just trying to stay busy so I don't think too hard. I get kind of annoyed when people say it's probably just my hormone levels because of that surgery I had, but that's mostly because they bring it up to then say "but me...I don't know why I'm down". Well, that's dismissive, isn't it? Mine may be related to that, I agree, but it's also not the first time I've been down in my life. Well, I'm not sure of my point. It just bothered me the two times I heard it over the last few months.

First day since the live-ins moved out that I've not had another responsibility so I think I'll take a hot bath (I dream of having a jacuzzi. Sigh) and start the book for book club.

Jury is still out on whether I like being part of a book club and a writer's club... Neither is exactly what I want them to be, but both may have aspects that are helping me socially and with my writing... I know I'll never amount to anything, but it really is the thought that drives me right now. If it wasn't for writing, I'm not sure I'd have a reason to go on.

Oh, additional nice thing about working at that boutique? I usually get the mid-day shifts during the week when it's so slow I have nothing to do except work on editing and rewriting the book i've been working on. I have no internet access so can't work on anything else that other have asked me to do so I get 3-4 hours time to just read, edit, rework, etc. I have not accomplished the goal I set in January (to complete 4 chapters a week and write in a journal), but I have accomplished more than in the preview 3 months combined...

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