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To pay or not to pay?
My account is about to expire. Been so long since I had the free options, I don't know what I'll be losing. When I tried to navigate LJ questions to find out, the webpage wasn't working, then I got distracted, then I got called away... basically, can anyone tell me what I lose besides pics? I just can't justify the expense this year.

Not as young as I was when I was younger
I took Jane to the county fair. Aside from it being disappointing and expensive - which I saw coming - they had this ride called Sizzler which is exactly like Scrambler - a ride I used to love.

Er, ride goes like this, only much faster...

omg. I got off and thought I was going to vomit. For perspective, I have been on all variety of amusement park rides and the only time I got a tiny bit woozy was when I rode the Teacup ride at Disneyland 5 minutes after eating an ice cream bar in the heat. This felt about 10 times worse. Holy crap. Caught me off guard!

In fact, I still feel a bit funny and we've been home for an hour. Ha ha...

Probably shouldn't have done it anyway. All that walking, plus the jerking around on the ride - by the time I got home I was very clearly reminded that I'm not at 100%. I've only had what I've been calling discomfort for a few weeks, but I am ready to use the "P" word. I keep running around like I'm fine, but I'm having pretty bad pain now.

Nap anyone? I was going to update more, but now I think I just want to sleep...
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