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AND I can't say anything about Missey because it makes me an ass to not like someone cheery, apparently.

But I'm also annoyed because I was talking back and forth with a friend who has been depressed and a few weeks ago I was way way depressed and she said maybe it's because of my hormones being off, then went on to talk about how there's no reason for her to be depressed. I might have mentioned this incident before. Tried to let go of it, but I am having a hard time because now I have someone else saying if I just exercise (which I still do every single day and I have been for 2 years now and on top of that I keep looking at people and thinking oy! all the drama! So I keep my mouth shut because I don't want involve anyone else in my drama, but everyone's so busy having drama that they don't notice I'm crumbling which is kind of fine, except what if someone really really honestly needs help? I don't think people would notice.

I know this is all run ons and rambling, but my thoughts are that way and I can't seem to say it all without just saying it as it comes out.

You agree with me, right? That everyone is so busy creating their own drama, no one is actually connected to anyone else anymore? I loathe using the word drama that way, but seriously folks, they drive me to it!

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