Nov. 7th, 2011

snowee: (Default)'s now so common, I'm sure no one really noticed.

Mom's health has deteriorated really fast over the last couple of months. All of us kids are concerned, but I'm the only one who has deigned to suggest she might just be "done". She's had a couple years without Dad and she's not exactly ready to go out and live the life she may have missed before.

She can't take care of her house so my sister and I have made sure all the housekeeping and yardwork have been kept up. My sister is now pregnant so I'll probably be doing a bit more. I was going to head over there early today to wash Mom's dishes, but haven't yet. I'm bad.

She has talked about getting a condo numerous times, but I am starting to think she doesn't want to move, really. She just wants to be done. Makes me sad. I know if Dad was around - like he should have because all of his siblings lived into their 90s - grrrg - I still feel a little cheated - that she would have lived at least 10 years. Her health was not excellent, but it was nowhere near alarming. Now it's alarming.

House guests - again
We have house guests again. I'm not sure what compelled me, but they were getting harrassed by some people (they almost ran over their 3 year old with a car!!) who had nothing better to do than stalk them. These are people we knew in Idaho. Well, I told them if they could get here, we could let them stay while they found jobs and just made it clear we expected them to be out within 2-3 months. They arrived Tuesday. He had a job by Thursday. Sweet! She's having a little more trouble, but getting a job doesn't always happen overnight.

From time to time, I still harbor some hostility toward pregnant people. Not my sister, fortunately, but when my niece started talking about her pregnancy last night, I had to move tables at family dinner.

It's obvious to me that when certain things happen, perfectly normal people turn into stupid, rude fools. Like when a woman gets pregnant or someone gets a 'Smart' phone (you know I'm right!!) If they were a little dumb to begin with, they become intolerable...

I don't typically document this, but I'm sure it can be read into many posts. My moods haven't been good lately. I hate it. I feel like I have no control. I have been told to journal, but I can't. I have been told to talk to people, but I can't. I probably should expound more, but I can't.

Other blogs
Pretty proud of a post I made last night regarding adoption on blog called Wicked Crazy Awesome.. Also, I have two I do with my husband. Doubt anyone's interested, but they are out there and occasionally entertaining. You can find all of them from webpage hubby and I are putting together. Well, I am putting it together, but it's our IdeaChild. I need a kickass pineapple picture to put in place of the weird spotted stone which is currently there, but photoshop isn't working and I can't get my brain around photoimpact which my sister gave to me.

I know I need to find a way to intergrate everything togeher because 4 blogs is stupid...

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